A Guide to Analyzing HubSpot CRM data in Your Preferred Tool.

In the field of data management, I recently embarked on a task that required extracting CRM data from HubSpot for analysis in another tool. The journey unfolded seamlessly through strategic utilization of the HubSpot API. This narrative captures the key steps taken to achieve this success .

Getting Started

The initial step was a comprehensive review of the HubSpot API documentation. It’s like a treasure map — showing you all the paths to get the data you need. The API lets you ask for specific things, like deals or contacts, and the documentation tells you exactly how to do it. Each link to a specific data being provided in the HubSpot documentation.

https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/overview .

All HubSpot API calls are made under https://api.hubapi.com/

On which you add the data you want to get for example contacts https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/properties/contacts. All these are provided in the documentation.

Next, I needed a tool to talk to the HubSpot API. For my case I went with Postman. it’s like a friendly middleman that helps you ask HubSpot for the data. The data comes back in five different forms that is JSON, XML, HTML, Text and Auto. Think of it as different languages; you can choose the one you like. https://www.postman.com/

Making the Data Fit

Now, the data might not be in the shape you want. My data was in JSON. So, I transformed it, because I wanted it in a table, like Excel. You can do this by turning it into a CSV file and save it in a new text document. It’s like changing a recipe to fit your taste.

Putting It in Order

If you need to tidy up more, upload the CSV into Excel. It’s like putting your clothes in drawers — everything neat and organized. Now, you’ve got your HubSpot CRM data ready for analysis in your favorite tool.

This is how my data looked after uploading my CSV.

Using the HubSpot API, a tool like Postman, and a bit of data tweaking, I turned a task into a breeze. Hopefully, this helps others looking to do the same!

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